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Open letter to all European policymakers

We have recently got acquainted with the Analysis by the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, titled “The Armenian connection: How a Secret Caucus of MPs and NGOs, Since 2012, Created a Network Within the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to Hide Violations of International Law” which once more approves that some MPs […]

An Open Letter to Azer Hasret

MR AZER HASRET Chairman Central Asian & Southern Caucasian Freedom of Expression Network Baku, Azerbaijan Dear Azer,  Oxunma sayı: 900

Targeting Azerbaijan

By Azer Hasret, Azerbaijan is to open the 1st European Games on Friday, June 12, 2015. The opening is scheduled for 20.15 local time (like 2015). 50 nations with more than 6 thousands athletes will convene for the 1st ever European Games competition. Oxunma sayı: 892

Media Manipulation and the United Nations

UNESCO Severs Ties to Democracy Manipulators? by Michael Barker On March 12, 2008, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) decided to withdraw their patronage of Reporters Without Borders second annual Online Free Expression Day. UNESCO’s press release, Oxunma sayı: 18000

Media Manipulation and the UN (Excerpt)

In 2004, the Baku-based Central Asian and Southern Caucasian Freedom of Expression Network (CASCFEN) received the Pioneer Award. This group most likely played a significant role in two NED-backed revolutions in both Georgia (2003) and in Kyrgyzstan (2005). In both cases the ‘independent’ media played a crucial role in the success of the revolutions. The […]

Freedom of the Media Revisited at Vienna Meeting

By Chadwick R. Gore, Staff Advisor The Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Freedom of the Media: Protection of Journalists and Access to Information was held July 13 and 14 in Vienna, Austria. The meeting was sponsored by OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Miklós Haraszti and supported by the Director of the OSCE Office […]

Yanki's trip to Baku

Dear friends. On a short term I decided to go to Baku from June 18 till June 21 for talks related to our planned election observation mission. Elnur Sadiqli’s help was very fruitful. So I was able to meet many people although I decided on the last minute to go to Baku. Members of Yeni […]

Azerbaijan against planned joint radio project with Armenia

The Azerbaijani newspaper Ekho reports that radio journalists from Xankandi (Stepanakert) will be engaged in a joint Armenian-Azerbaijani project. The non-governmental organization Conciliation Resources has joined a consortium which has drawn up a project financed by the British government and numerous international funds to assist in finding a solution to the Nagornyy Karabakh conflict and […]

Media Freedom Group Assembles in Azerbaijan

Baku — More than 50 participants from almost every continent on the globe gathered for the 11th General Assembly of International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX), which has been being held at Crescent Beach since last Sunday. Azer Hasret, head of Azerbaijan’s Journalists’ Trade Union, which hosted the conference, said that the congress is the […]

Death of a War Correspondent. A Modern Media Institute Case Study

The world of Polish journalism roiled in early May over the publication of very graphic photographs of the death of war correspondent Waldemar Milewicz in two Polish dailies, the tabloid Super Express in its Saturday, May 8, [2004] editions. Milewicz, a reporter for Polish State Television, along with production assistant Mounir Bouamrane, were killed by […]

BAKU: Media chief urges BBC to end “anti-Azerbaijani” propaganda

Text of Farah report by Azerbaijani newspaper Yeni Musavat on 3 June headlined “The behaviour of the BBC employees runs counter to the rules of journalism” and subheaded “‘Azar Hasrat: ‘Let them engage in impartial journalism, not in anti-Azerbaijani propaganda’” Oxunma sayı: 6501

IPI Free Media Pioneer

Central Asian and Southern Caucasian Freedom of Expression Network (CASCFEN), Baku Launched in August 2001, the Baku-based network was created by media organisations from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in order to share information and better coordinate their press freedom activities. Its declared aim is to “protect freedom of expression and of the press […]