Yerevan Court Recognizes the Fact of Annexing of Azerbaijani Territory

By Azer H.Hasret

According to press sources last week the Yerevan Court of Armenia ruled on favor of acting President Robert Kocharyan and now he can be sure to continue his campaign as a candidate to the Presidency of this smallest Caucasus republic. Group of other presidential candidates applied to court claiming that Kocharyan can’t be a candidate as he has not lived in the territory of Armenia and have no citizenship of this country. One must live in the territory of Armenia at least last 10 years to become a president. But Kocharyan lives in Armenia since 1997 (six years) and thus the claims of other Armenian presidential candidates are based on truth and normal court have to fulfill their demand. The Yerevan Court overturned the claims of this group and recognized Kocharyan as “living in the territory of Armenia last ten years”. The decision was based on the inquiry of the head of Passport and Visa Department of Armenia Alvina Zakaryan. The inquiry said that “according to the laws of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (! – ed) all Armenians are counted as citizens of Armenia based on the continuity”. Thus all Armenians living outside of Armenia including Azerbaijan before 1995 are counted as citizens of Armenia. The inquiry continued saying that the fact of uniting Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh according to the decision of Supreme Soviets of both Republic of Armenia and so called Nagorno Karabakh meant the common citizenship. R.Kocharyan has lived in the territory of Nagorno Karabakh and can be recognized as a citizen of common Armenian state – Armenia including Nagorno Karabakh (! – ed).

Azerbaijan continuously tried to prove the fact of occupation of its territories by Armenia. But instead of this Armenia continuously claimed that it has nothing to do against Azerbaijan and the conflict which occurred between two countries is not in reality the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This conflict occurred between so-called Nagorno Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan, aimed on self-determination. Nagorno Karabakh Armenians are suppressed by the “nationalist” regime of Azerbaijan and the people of this territory can’t live under rules of repressive Azerbaijan any more.

This is the wish of Armenia to show the fact as a conflict between Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh. But in fact the conflict is between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Armenia has territorial claims against Azerbaijan. Thus the territory of Nagorno Karabakh and surrounding areas were occupied by Armenia. Russia helped Armenia to achieve this. Up today these lands are under occupation of Armenia and still the Minsk Group of OSCE is trying to solve the problem by peaceful means. But Armenia ignores all efforts of peaceful resolution leaving no way for Azerbaijan except the war to liberate its lands from the occupation of Armenia. At the same time Armenia declares that in case of war it will ask international community to defend its position. Of course by international community Armenia usually means Russia. If the war begins Russia will stand for Armenia. This is another question to be discussed. Here we’re trying to understand the position of Armenia regarding the citizenship of R.Kocharyan and annexing the entire lands of Azerbaijan. In one hand Armenia claims that it has not occupied Azerbaijani territories and Nagorno Karabakh is self declared independent state. OK, this means that Armenia proves that Nagorno Karabakh is not part of it. In other hand Yerevan Court recognizes that Kocharyan lived in the joint territory of Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia for last ten years and has the right to become a president. This position shows that Armenia recognizes the fact of annexing of Azerbaijani territories while a lot of Western countries repeat the claims that the conflict is between Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan. In reality the problem occurred between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the first occupied the lands of the second and the Court of Yerevan approved this fact recently.

Note: Mr. Azer H.Hasret is the Secretary General of Azerbaijan Journalists Confederation (AJK).

Source: Baku Today

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