Why the US should be blamed?

Azer Hasret

In such a restless situation of the world a film named “Innocence of Muslims” is also disturbing the environment. The situation is getting out of control and its effects are even in Azerbaijan felt. A group of people claiming themselves as an “Islamic guardians” has staged a protest action in front of US Embassy to Azerbaijan.

The law-enforcement bodies were able to prevent them from wrongdoing. And the rumors are spread around that this kind of protest actions will continue in coming days. But public opinion in Azerbaijan is not eager to support this kind of “protest” actions. Even an official Baku is blaming the film but it says that the US is not responsible for this film. And this position is the correct one.

Yes, just one mad man has thrown a stone into the well. And the name of this “mad man” is Sam Bacile. His origins are coming from the Egypt. This person, who comes from the ten million Copt Christian minorities in Egypt, lives in the US. First he has made a film under the title “Innocence of bin Laden”. But the film under this title brought no success. Then he has changed its title and played with some words even with no prior agreement with players. And the title of the film was changed as an “Innocence of Muslims”. As a result the film came to such a state that can provoke any Muslim society.

So the result is obvious. Four diplomats of US including Ambassador John Christopher Stevens were killed in Libya by the so-called “Islamic guardians”. This “guardian” wave even has reached Azerbaijan. But the public opinion of Azerbaijan which always is tolerant towards such kind of actions this time also was able to keep silence.

In this situation one could come out saying that we are in wrong way being tolerant towards a film which insults Islamic religion and its profit. Just we would say that our position is unambiguous: this film must be blamed and taken off the distribution! And its producer must be punished by legal ways!

The main point which we don`t share, is that that staging attacks on US Embassies, blaming US has no ground.

We think that our readers would be interested to know why we think this way. We are explaining: US are the democratic state. People can express their opinions in this country as they wish to do. And no one in this country needs to ask a permission to express him- or herself. The United States do not bear responsibility for this or other opinion expressed by any individual. Plus there is no need to get permission from the state bodies to deliver any kind of opinion. So this is such a system where even the state itself always can be freely criticized and blamed from high tribunes. And this situation sometimes brings disturbances for US itself too while its embassies abroad can be targeted as a result.

Coming to Azerbaijan we should keep in mind that we must not fell a victim of such wrongdoings. Let`s blame the film and its producer. But there is no grounds to blame the US and stage an action of protest in front of its Embassy in Azerbaijan thus disturbing Americans and low-enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan as well. Already Azerbaijan has dozens of problems to solve. Why not join our efforts to solve those problems? Do we as an Iranian mullah regime need to get attention of the world by “throwing a stone to the garden” of the US? The United States are the strategic partner of Azerbaijan and some circles always try to use some pretexts to destroy our friendly relations. Let`s not to fell a victim of this play.

Source: ANN.Az

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