Status of the Talysh language

Dear everybody. Regarding the message below I’d like to clarify some points.

  1. The Talysh or Talysh-speaking population of the Azerbaijan Republic is not more than 150,000. 92% of whole 8 million population in Azerbaijan are native Azerbaijan Turks. And there are Russians, Lezghins, Avars, Tats, Armenians (outside and within occupied territories), Udins, Jewishs and others in Azerbaijan living in peace and understanding.
  2. Talyshs or their language never was repressed by national majority of Azerbaijan. Instead they used their language freely and today they have the same rights as other nationalities including Azerbaijan Turks.
  3. There are mass media outlets in Talysh language in Azerbaijan. For example the weekly newspaper “Talyshi Sado” (Voice of Talysh) or some programs on state radio on Talysh language. At the same time other national minorities and ethnic groups have their mass media too.
  4. Talysh language is not prohibited in Azerbaijan. Everybody in Azerbaijan can use which language they would like to. No any language including Armenian (who has occupied Azerbaijan territories) is prohibited in Azerbaijan.

At last I’d like to call on these people to be accurate while distributing information.


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