Azerbaijan against planned joint radio project with Armenia

The Azerbaijani newspaper Ekho reports that radio journalists from Xankandi (Stepanakert) will be engaged in a joint Armenian-Azerbaijani project. The non-governmental organization Conciliation Resources has joined a consortium which has drawn up a project financed by the British government and numerous international funds to assist in finding a solution to the Nagornyy Karabakh conflict and create an atmosphere of trust in the region. The organization is working with the mass media.

It is planned to create radio journals which Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Nagornyy Karabakh region of Azerbaijan could exchange. The preparations are still under way, but the organization intends to launch the project this summer.

The deputy executive secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party is opposed to the plan, asking “Why is Nagornyy Karabakh engaged in the project as a separate entity, not as part of Azerbaijan?” And the secretary-general of the Confederation of Azerbaijani Journalists, Azar Hasrat, called on the Azerbaijani journalists who are going to join the Conciliation Resources project “to think again how an occupier, separatist or terrorist can be trusted.”

Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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