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Al-Qaida Would Escape in Karabakh

Azer H.Hasret Tensions between clerical Iranian regime and US are raising every day. US believes that some Al-Qaida terrorists responsible for series of attacks on US-connected targets are hiding in Iran. Others hiding are those who left Afganistan after successful US-led military operation. But Iran’s part denies these accusations claiming that “Iran was fighting with […]

My Opinion and Armenian Claims

By Azer H.Hasret If nothing happened in 1915 what is your government trying to hide? If the events of 1915 were not a planned genocide why were Turkish gendarmes given orders to remove Armenians from their homes and force them to march through the deserts as they died of starvation, rape, and disease? Is this […]

Yerevan Court Recognizes the Fact of Annexing of Azerbaijani Territory

By Azer H.Hasret According to press sources last week the Yerevan Court of Armenia ruled on favor of acting President Robert Kocharyan and now he can be sure to continue his campaign as a candidate to the Presidency of this smallest Caucasus republic. Group of other presidential candidates applied to court claiming that Kocharyan can’t […]